Ion+ Connect

3G Sump Pump Controller

Ion+ Connect, First-Generation Device

As of April 2021, cellular plans are no longer being activated for first-generation Ion+ Connect devices (photographed).

For support with existing first-generation devices or to learn more about upgrading to the second-generation Ion+ Connect, you may get in touch with an Ion Technologies team member by calling Metropolitan Industries at 815-886-9200.

Using Your Ion+ Connect Without Cellular Service

An Ion+ Connect without cellular service can still be used as a digital level control with high water alarm (sans SMS text messaging notifications to your phone) after clearing the missing cellular beeping and LED notification. Please proceed with the below steps to clear missing cellular/beeping notifications.

  • Unplug the Ion+ Connect, remove the battery, and wait 5 minutes.
  • Then plug the device back in and reinstall the battery.
  • This will eliminate the beeping and the Cell LED will be red.
  • The device will now have the same functionality as an Ion+ Digital Level Control.


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Get in touch with the Ion Technologies team by calling Metropolitan Industries at 815-886-9200.