Ion+ Connect

3G Sump Pump Controller

The Ion+ Connect (Gen1) is a cellular sump pump alarm with real-time monitoring and custom alert capabilities, effectively serving as the direct line of communication between homeowners and their sump pit. Utilizing 3G cellular as opposed to WiFi, homeowners are always just one text message away from receiving real-time status updates to what is happening inside their sump pit. Homeowners can receive custom alerts when a critical circumstance arises, such as high water, pump failure or loss of power.

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Know What's Happening With Your Sump Pit, Whether Home or Away

No homeowner enjoys worrying about water in their basement. Unfortunately, the threat of heavy rains, power loss or unexpected mechanical issues with a sump pump can result in the basement suddenly being under water. The Ion+ Connect is designed to minimize that worry, restoring peace of mind for homeowners, whether home or away.

More than just a cellular sump pump alarm, the Ion+ Connect is equipped to monitor the sump pit’s water level, pump status, power status, battery status and ambient temperature. With its integrated cellular module, the Ion+ Connect can communicate these measurements to homeowners on-demand via SMS/text messaging to specified cell phones, empowering homeowners to always stay current with what is happening inside their sump pit. Alerts can be set to automatically text notifications of when a critical situation arises, such as high water within the sump pit, pump failure, loss of power or low temperature. The Ion+ Connect can sense up to 12″ of water and has customizable start/stop/alert levels.

The Ion+ Connect’s reliable connectivity, monitoring and notification capabilities is especially ideal for homeowners with finished basements or vacation homes, as well as any property manager or realtors.

Monitor Water Level in Sump Pit

Monitor Sump Pit Water Level

Sump Pump Alarm Detect Power Loss

Detect Power Loss

Sump Pump Alarm Low Temperature Alert

Measure Basement Temperature

Ion+ Connect Features

  • Check real-time status updates for existing conditions, such as the sump pit’s water level, pump usage, power availability and ambient tempature. Users can text specific commands, including the ability to run pump tests to ensure full functionality is available.
  • Measures ambient temperature. Especially useful during winter seasons when an unexpected drop in temperature may signal a problem with the furnace.
  • Can set custom alerts when critical circumstances arise such as high water levels, pump failure, loss of power or low temperature.
  • Utilizes cellular service and a long-lasting lithium ion battery to ensure the continued availability of monitoring and alert functionality even during the loss of power (unlike WiFi which loses functionality with the loss of power).
  • Equipped with digital Ion® Digital Level Sensors. With absolutely zero moving parts, the Ion® Digital Level Sensors eliminate common pump failures that occur as a result of faulty mechanical switches.
  • Audible alarms and status LEDs alert users of emergency issues.
  • Configure up to 10 phones to receive SMS text notifications.
  • Remote contacts for additional notifications. Intrinsically safe barrier available.
  • Fully customizable set points up to 72 inches.
Sump Pump Alarm Phone Display

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